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Discover what you’ve got

Time to get to know your baby chicks!

You wrote thousands of words of raw content, but do you really know what you’ve got in front of you? Most people don’t—you may even be stunned at what you discover.

It just may take a little while.

You see, you’re slower than you think.

More accurately, you think slower than you think.

Ever say to yourself, that was so obvious, why didn’t I think of that earlier?!?! It’s because you couldn’t. The big part of your brain—the part that deals with concepts, ideas, and relationships—needed time to work through the issue you were dealing with.

In the background, your brain processes information 24/7. You can feed it information in ways that will speed up the discovery process.

By feeding their brains, students have discovered the most surprising things about themselves:

Billy thought he was brilliant at working in teams because he could take charge and tell people what to do. But, he saw that when he went into “boss mode,” he was “being a jerk.” He discovered that people wanted him as a teammate because he’s creative, playful, and optimistic.


Audrey didn’t know there were connections between her anger issues, Grandma’s Alzheimers, soccer, math, sexuality, and puzzles. She discovered that she approaches all problems and challenges the way she solves jigsaw puzzles.


Ryan didn’t think there was anything to his raw content about goofing around the elementary school playground, getting in trouble in high school, or hanging out with his friends in the supermarket parking lot. He discovered the profound power of his strengths: social intelligence, kindness, forgiveness, and gratitude.

We’ll guide you through three simple activities to discover what you’ve got hidden in your stories.