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Expand your personal intention

As a Storyteller, you created a list of intentions about what you want to communicate. Here, you’re going to create your intention for the experience your reader has and the tone of your essay.

As a writer, your focus is on language and tone.



You’ll learn how to write in a way that creates an experience in the world of your reader. That’s what pros do. They make the reader feel something. Experience something.

English teachers often talk about tone or voice. But they also tell us (when students aren’t listening) that it can be hard to teach how to write with a specific tone or voice.

We’ve found some slick tricks to get you started. You’ll choose the tone and reader experience for the very first lines of the essay, for key points through the essay, and at the very end.

Tone and reader experience are flip sides of the same coin. Sometimes, it’s easier to know what kind of tone you want. Other times, you’ll be more sure about the reader experience. We’ll show you how to use both of them to create an intentional emotional journey through the essay.