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OK , let’s build a strong foundation.

If you’re anything like most teens we work with, you’d like to get this essay over and done with already. And that’s what we want for you.

Before you get started, we’re going to start a few steps back and make sure that you have the foundation you’ll need to write your best essay.

Trust us on this. We promise that doing this foundation work will pay off when you get to writing.

But first, we want to check in with you. You’re fine wherever you are.

Whether you’re just starting or have done a lot of work, how are you feeling about writing a college essay?

Pretty good
We’re glad you’re feeling good about your essay and are looking forward to guiding you through the process.
That’s how a lot of people feel about college essays. We’ll help you get there.
Don't ask
We all have those moments. It’s part of writing. We’re here to get you through it. You might even like it by the end.

Here’s a quick overview of what’s coming up

Writing a great college essay isn’t like writing an English paper. Your audience is different, the intention is different, and the kind of writing is different.

Oh, and it’s not about the War of 1812, Romeo and Juliet, or the differences between mice and rats. It’s about you. And you probably haven’t had to write a story about yourself since what I did over summer break in the sixth grade.

The thinking, organizing, and writing skills you’ve been developing in high school work great for academic papers. But, not so much for the kinds of essays that college admissions officers want to read.

That’s why we created this process, working individually with hundreds of teens and through workshops and in schools with thousands more. It’s an approach to writing that will help you write a great essay, become a better writer for college and beyond, and discover strengths that you never you knew you had.

We’ll start by building a strong foundation. This is super important. Don’t skip this part (in fact don’t skip anything)!

The Foundation steps