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This message means that you’re trying to skip ahead in the process. To get the most out of your EssayQuest, you need to dig into each phase and spend enough time in each activity.

Then, move on to the next activity and phase.

The Foundation activities will take about an hour.

But, the Thinker and Storyteller phases should each take you a couple of weeks. Spend time on those to do them well — don’t rush ahead.

That’s why we’ve staggered your access to the Storyteller and Writer phases.
Phase Available
Foundation and Thinker Immediately after purchase
Storyteller 2 weeks after purchase
Writer 4 weeks after purchase 

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If you’re trying to skip ahead, instead go back and take some more time with the activities you’ve already done.

If you’re in the Thinker phase trying to move to the phase, you can:

  • Read more sample essays. You can never read enough of those.
  • Come up with more Story Starters. You can’t have too many.
  • Write! Most of our personal mentoring students write over 10,000 words of raw content. If you’re not there yet, keep writing more stories. The more the merrier!

If you’re in the Storyteller phase trying to move to the Writer phase, you can:

  • Read more sample essays. You can never read enough of those.
  • If you have placeholders for new content you need to write, write it quickly.
  • If you don’t have a complete strategy for your supplemental essays, keep working on that.
  • If those are done, start writing raw content for any supplemental essays you don’t have content for (for example, the why do you want to go to this school or what are your intellectual interest essays).
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If you’re mentoring a student through their EssayQuest, go to the Mentors: How to give great support page for lots of good information about how to help your student get the most from the EssayQuest process.  

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What is EssayQuest?

EssayQuest is our self-paced online program where students learn what it takes to write great college essays, and parents and mentors get resources and instructions on how to support them on their journey.

We have distilled the best of what we’ve learned in the past decade of one-on-one mentoring and poured it into this online program. Now, many more students can access the kind of support — formerly only available with a personal mentor — at a fraction of the cost.

Students will write a better college essay with less stress. They’ll explore and discover who they are, and learn the skills and approach that professional writers use.

The expanded self-awareness and new writing and communication skills are invaluable for teens long after college application deadlines have passed.

The course includes

  • A self-paced online program covering the four phases of our Write Like a Pro Process
  • Assignments, activities, and self-review resources for each phase.
  • Resources and instructions for parents, mentors, or other adults so they can effectively mentor and support a student through the EssayQuest process.


  • General: $379 for 12-month access to the program
  • Students of partner schools: $179, and we’ll donate 10% to your PTSA. (When you register, use the discount code your school or organization sent. It will also be on your school’s College Essay Resource page.)

14-day money-back guarantee. If EssayQuest isn’t for you, we’ll give you a full refund.

Don’t let cost be a barrier. We want to make EssayQuest available to every student. and have no-scholarships for anyone who needs one. See the registration page for details..

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