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Writing a college essay can be a chore


Or an adventure



Write your best college essay, explore who you are, and become a better writer with the online program from Essay Mentors, the experts in helping kids write great college essays.


We’ve distilled the best of what we’ve learned in the past decade of one-on-one mentoring, and poured it this online program. Anyone writing a college essay can go through the same process that our private mentoring students use to write their best essays, at a fraction of the cost. Step-by-step, we’ll take you from a blank piece of paper to a polished essay. We even make it easy for the people giving you support and feedback.


We’ve discovered what works by helping teens like you write their college essays. In thousands of student interactions, teens told us what they liked, what they didn’t, what challenged and motived them, and what made the process fun and effective. So, when you’re on your EssayQuest, you can be confident that hundreds of teens before you have successfully followed this path to a great college essay.

Nothing like school

Colleges want to read an engaging, authentic short story that shows who you are, but American high schools don’t teach that kind of writing. To write an effective college essay, you need to get out of the academic mindset. EssayQuest is nothing like the school experience. With our students’ help we designed everything – the steps, activities, the feedback and support tools – to keep you engaged and moving forward.

You get early access to EssayQuest

We’re launching EssayQuest to students of our partner schools and organizations (plus kids of our close friends) at a special introductory rate. We’re putting on the finishing touches but didn’t want to “let the perfect be the enemy of the good.” Everything you need is ready to go.

Since you’ll be the first set of students to see the program, you can help us improve it by sharing your feedback.


Register by July 24 for a bonus 3-session webinar series (normally $129)

Get expert mentoring as you go through your journey. Barak Rosenbloom, our founder and Chief Essay Mentor will share tips and tricks and answer your questions.

Dates: July 24, August 11, and August 25, at 5pm pacific / 8pm eastern.

Write an essay, win a scholarship

We’re awarding scholarships ranging from $250–$1000 for students who use EssayQuest to write their college essays.

You’ll write your college essay like a pro

Our Write Like a Pro process is the map for your EssayQuest

When it comes to writing college essays, it doesn’t take much for teens and parents to veer off into friction, frustration, and wasted time and effort.

EssayQuest takes you from your first topic ideas to the final draft of your essay with the same process that professional writers and communicators use. We’ll guide you on a clear pathway from confusion and frustration to an engaging, authentic, and effective finished essay.

We break up the process of writing into four parts so that you can put your full attention on one aspect of the process at a time. Just like the pros.

You’ll go step-by-step so there’s no mystery about what to do next

We listened to lots of teens to make the process easy for you. Every step of the way, you’ll know what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, and the specific actions to take. We’ll even let you know when you’re ready to move on to the next step.

Each step sets you up for the next. You’ll focus on one thing at a time, whether coming up with ideas, writing a ton of raw content, getting clear about your message, creating a structure for your essay, or bringing it life and polishing it to perfection.

Just do the activities and follow each step to your best essay. When you’re done, not only will you have a great essay, you’ll also be surprised and delighted with how much you’ve learned.

We’ll share tons of resources and support to help you on your way

Even though we made the process simple, you’ll still have to do the work. Writing well takes time, and if you’re like us, sometimes you’ll hit a roadblock or get a bit lost.

When that happens, we’ve got you covered. We’ll make sure that you can keep moving forward in your journey with easy-to-use support pages, FAQs, videos, sample essays, and more. We even have resources for anyone giving you feedback or support.

If you’re still stuck, send us a chat message right in the site, and we’ll help get you back on track.

This is your journey. It will be unique, enlivening, and even fun. It’s an opportunity for you to express who you are, powerfully and with pride. 

It’s actually trippy. I really didn’t expect it to work like this.



This eliminated a lot of stress and conflict in our home and I was happy we could still like each other when it was all done.


Parent of two students

I became a better writer through Essay Mentors. I learned how to put my voice in my writing every time I touch a pen to paper or finger to key.



You’ve made this whole applying to college thing a happy experience rather than one I hated.



Our student have been accepted at hundreds of colleges and universities

including Harvard, Yale, Cornell, UPenn, MIT, Brown, Berkeley, Carnegie Mellon, UCLA, Williams, Middlebury, Chapman, USC, Pomona, Tulane, Vanderbilt, Duke, Bates, Barnard, Smith, Bowdoin, and the Universities of Michigan, Washington, Virginia, Illinois, Arizona, and Oregon.

And so much more

You’ll explore who you are as a young adult

As a teenager, you are likely not that good about knowing and communicating who you are (that’s ok – most adults don’t either.) But, you need to know that to write the kind of essay that college admissions counselors are looking for.

EssayQuest is a journey of self-discovery. As you go through the process, you’ll learn your unique set of strengths and see how they play out in your life. Our greatest strengths are often invisible to us. As you tell your stories, you’ll see yourself and your strengths in action. You’ll get to know yourself in a way few teens do.

You’ll become a better writer

The skills you learn will make your writing easier and better in college and beyond. Our Write Like a Pro process builds on what you’ve learned in English class and goes far beyond. As simple and powerful as it is, it’s just not in the American writing curriculum.

You’ll discover that you can use this framework for any type of writing or communication—from academic papers to presentations to love letters. (Or love snaps…)

We’ll help the people helping you

You may want help throughout this process. In fact, we highly recommend it. Whether it’s your parents, a teacher, friends, or a neighbor, they could help you stay on track through the process, help you brainstorm, or give you feedback. Whoever it is – we call them guides – they need to know how to help you effectively, so we’ve created tools especially for them.


EssayQuest is $379 for a one-year subscription

If you register by July 24, we’ll include our 3-session webinar series to support you in your journey (a $129 value).

Our 14-day money-back guarantee: If EssayQuest isn’t for you, we’ll give you a full refund.

Don’t let cost be a barrier

We have scholarships for anyone who needs them.

Click the Start your EssayQuest button for information about how to get a scholarship. (Don’t worry — you won’t have to write an essay to get one!)

Discounts for partner schools and organizations

We’ve built partnerships with The Bear Creek School, Mt. Si High School, the Norwalk Schools Foundation. You or your parents should have received emails with discount coupons. If you don’t have one, please email us.

Are you interested in learning how your school or organization can become an EssayQuest partner? Send us an email.